About the Wellness Centre

About The Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre at 44 Maple Street Cooroy

We have a dedicated team of practitioners who believe in health, who support each other and are passionate about patient health, not sickness.

Products used and offered in the centre are of the highest Australian quality we can procure. If not Aussie, then, we go to great lengths to establish their quality. If we are not prepared to use them on ourselves, we avoid using them on you.

Our practitioners list includes:

  • Acupuncturist who uses remedial massage therapy and lifestyle support to encourage clients to improve their health regardless of their condition;
  • Naturopath who specializes in clearing old emotional patterns and nutritional support. This is very beneficial work for those who choose to move ahead;
  • Beauty therapist who is bubbly and enjoys using all natural products and loves seeing her clients look great;
  • Bowen Therapist with a deep sensitivity to humans as well as animals – rare qualities.

Our centre has close links with other professionals whose work we greatly respect:

  • Doctors with a holistic integrative approach;
  • Chiropractor from the ‘old school,’ gentle but very effective;
  • Colon hydrotherapist/ naturopath – for those of us who need a particular detoxification regime;
  • Fitness coaches who build our strength, stamina and energy for life;
  • Pelvic Floor Strength teacher who educates us to take control of our body and its functions, at any age;
  • A Foodie who specializes in teaching about alkalizing foods and how to make them – vital for our health and delicious.